How Taxcise Works

Taxcise simplifies the Excise Tax management for you. Using latest cutting edge technologies like Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Taxis automatically file declarations and reconciles them for you.

Step 1

Import data from your current system using standard templates provided.

Step 2

Allow Taxcise access to your eServices account.

Step 3

Sit back and watch Taxcise file declarations, calculate balances and improve financial efficiency.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make Excise compliance as smooth as possible for our clients helping to reduce fines and ease the production and movement process with the FTA

We know Excise Tax

Our teams have built and managed large technology implementations across the Middle East. Our tax experts understand local laws and compliances and have shared their in-depth knowledge into building Taxcise. Furthermore, Taxcise is built by the same team which has built an Excise Tax portal for a government entity in the GCC.

A Message from our Chairman...

We understand the complexity of dealing with Excise goods so we built a solution to take away the pain of completing declarations so you can focus on growing your business.

Hesham Al Hemeiri

(Formerly IT Director at the Federal Tax Authority)


Common challenges facing companies dealing with Excisable goods.

As a result of non-compliance and errors many organizations have been penalized (with fines over AED 1M) or had the movement of their goods stopped!

Increased penalties

FTA are increasing their Audits of Excise companies and this often results in large fines.

Labour intensive forms

With a large number of declarations to complete, many organizations deploy a little army to complete the declarations on FTA's e-Services account.

Deductibles management

It is not easy to be efficient when considering which import to deduct from a declaration.

Returns transparency

There is often a lack of transparency on how the excise returns are calculated by the FTA and reconciling this number to your inventory management system.

Our core features

Taxcise will save you time, money and give you transparency!
TAXBOT (Automation of FTA e-Services forms)

You only need to work on your ERP or Inventory management system. Taxcise will use the decisions you make (e.g. imports, productions or movements) and automatically populate FTA’s e-Services on your behalf. Saving you time!

Smart deductibles

Taxcise will explore the imports you have made on a particular product and advise you which import would be the most economically beneficial for you to deduct against. Saving you money!

Excise returns generator

Taxcise generates an Excise return file for you mirroring the return generated by the FTA. This will give you an insight into how your returns are calculated and help you detect any errors. Giving you transparency!

Other Great Benefits

Taxcise provides UAE specific features to ensure that your Excise Tax returns are accurate and compliant. Always!!!

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